Harmony Acres

About our Farm

Harmony Acres is a small family farm in the fertile Comox Valley, the “Land of Plenty”.  Our farming practices are founded on respect and gratitude for the bounty of nature.  Through recycling the nutrients produced by our livestock–chickens, ducks, turkeys, and goats–we continually feed the soil to grow the highest quality produce.

Part of the land has undisturbed native species to encourage the natural local flora and fauna.  Water is stored in ponds for year-round use for irrigation and to encourage diversity in the ecosystem.  Many species of birds, bats, insects, reptiles, and amphibians also call Harmony Acres home. Other areas contain gardens and orchards with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and berries. 

We do not use herbicides or pesticides; instead, the health of crops is maintained by nurturing the soil so that the plants are resistant to disease and insects.  We select and propagate heirloom varieties of vegetables and fruits chosen for taste and nutrient quality.  The animals on the farm are given the best environment and care possible.  We are grateful for the food they produce and the invaluable nutrients they contribute to enrich the soil.

A farm chicken.