Heritage Turkeys – Comox Courtenay Farm

A bronze turkey from the Comox Valley.

We have turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2022!

Special gourmet birds. We raise a variety of heritage birds, including Bronze Orlopp, Ridley Bronze, Blue Slate, Wild Eastern turkeys.  Our turkeys are raised from their first day after hatching here on the farm, and once large enough to venture outdoors, graze in the orchard on wild grasses, berries and fruit. This natural diet produces a memorable bird of the finest quality.  Many of our customers have commented on the difference in taste and quality a free-range naturally-raised bird makes.  Like all of our birds, there are no hormones or antibiotics in their food.

For Bronze Orlopp: $6/lb. They range in size from 20-30+ lb.

For Wild Eastern, Blue Slate, and Ridley Bronze: $7/lb. They range in size from 12-15 lb. These birds are much slower growing and have a higher proportion of dark meat and are more costly to raise because they take twice as long to get to market size.

Now taking reservations for Thanksgiving and Christmas, 2022. 

Now taking reservations.